State of Oregon Customers

The State of Oregon pricing agreement for all first aid products is #3438. All items are on State pricing agreement unless otherwise noted.

If you do not see what you are looking for, or would like to request case quantity, please call or email Mary Galvin at 503.390.7355.

General Public Orders

We welcome purchases from all business entities and individuals. All products and kits are available for purchase by the general public. It is not necessary to be a State agency to purchase.

Featured Products

Cold Pack


Cold Packs provide instant temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains, and strains. Cold Packs are always great to have on hand wherever there is work (or active play) in progress.

Eye Wash Station


This eye, face & body Wash Station is a complete instruction placard and wash holder. It is made from metal to withstand the abuse that shatters other units!

Eye Clean


Eye Clean is a sterile, buffered, flushing solution that helps remove particles from the eyes and relieve irritation from the eyes and skin.

Cervical Collar Bag


Sturdy Red canvas bag with zipper and pull for storing Cervical Collars or other medical equipment.

This item is not part of the State of Oregon contract.