Rockwest is a community of intellectually and developmentally disabled (I/DD) individuals who endeavor to reach their potential in life and work. As stated in its mission, “Rockwest empowers people with disabilities by teaching them skills and enhancing their abilities through employment and involvement in their community.”


Rockwest Training - Employment Path

Rockwest offers Employment Path Community services that may help I/DD individuals find an integrated job in our community. These services allow people to have actual, first-hand experiences with community employment.


Club T.E.C. offers Training, Empowerment, and Community to adults through: a friendly community center, activities that inspire learning and involvement, and experiences that empower and build self-esteem.


Rockwest Medical kits are designed and packaged to meet the needs and standards of your work site and home. Our medical kits offer exceptional value, convenience, safety, durability and selection. Custom kits available!


Material Creations – formerly known as Rockwest Training Company’s sewing and screen printing/embroidery departments – offers custom sewing, screen printing and embroidery services on clothing, hats, totes, blankets, and more!