Rockwest Training presents Club T.E.C.—offering Training, Empowerment, and Community to adults through:

  • A friendly community center
  • Activities that inspire learning and involvement
  • Opportunities that explore the community and beyond
  • A setting where trying new things is encouraged
  • Experiences that empower and build self-esteem
  • Trained support staff who are ready to meet the needs of each person
Rockwest Training Club T.E.C. Day Services Outing to Tulip Fields

Classes, Activities, and Services

There is a lot going on at Rockwest Training’s Club T.E.C.! We have sessions specific to physical activity, classroom learning, and community adventures. Please refer to the calendar to see the current opportunities available. If you do not see something that interests you, let us know your interests. We may be able to put something together. We look forward to welcoming YOU!

If you or someone you know is interested in any of Rockwest Training’s Day Services programs noted below, please email our Client Services Manager or call 503.390.7355.

Club T.E.C. Calendar

Physical Activity

We have a large center with space for many physical activities – all taught by instructors. Classes may include: yoga, general stretching and strengthening, sittercise, weight lifting, outdoor sports, games that are physical, and even dances.


We provide a variety of learning opportunities. Classes may include: keyboarding, computer skills, American Sign Language, Spanish Language, music, painting, art appreciation, special art projects, games with purpose, and gardening.

Life Skills

Our life skills classes are intended to create pathways to independence. Classes may include: cooking and nutrition, grocery shopping, personal hygiene, effective communication, money concepts, housekeeping, laundry, and using public transportation.

Community Adventure

Each of our group outings are planned for people to explore the local events, sights, and activities. These may include: going to the movies, bowling, shopping, visiting local farms with produce and/or livestock, visiting state and local parks, attending fairs or festivals, and volunteer opportunities benefiting local non-profit organizations, such as Marion-Polk Food Share, Marion County Dog Shelter, and more.

Job Skill Training

Interested in gaining a job skill or learning a trade? We have highly skilled staff teaching specific job skills, including: sewing on an industrial sewing machine and material handling, screen printing on garments, machine embroidery operations, and other skills needed for the trade. Additional training includes: food handler’s certification, operating a cash register, working with an inventory, merchandising, and customer service.

Job Development & Placement

Our center has an Employment Specialist on staff to assist people who want to explore job options, prepare for and look for a specific job, and find a job that matches a person’s skills and interests. Rockwest also works cooperatively with Vocational Rehabilitation to provide individualized services.